Since Phocas establishment in 1947, it has grown to almost 600 members, and is therewith the biggest, most active and most all-round student club in Nijmegen. As member of Phocas Rowing Club, you can add an extra dimension to your student experience in Nijmegen. Phocas gives you the opportunity to develop yourself and make friends for life!

Phocas is a Rowing Club, but you can row as frequently as fits your life. The main part of our members did not have experience in rowing, before becoming a Phocas member. Rowing is a sport you can learn fast by practicing and therefore we give you the possibility to develop yourself into a top athlete, starting from your first year with us. Our competitive rowers row on national level in the Netherlands, go to international tournaments and Phocas will even represented at the Olympic Games in 2020! Our other rowers also row throughout the country and visit the most epic parties. Do you like sports, then we are here for you!

Living the dream during your student life in Nijmegen, that is what Phocas is all about. Next to rowing and partying, you can develop yourself into a career tiger with extracurricular activities. Organise big events together with your friends or help organise our own rowing regatta, Traianus! Do you need more time for serious studying? We appreciate every members contribution, but we do not oblige you to contribute.

Are you into sports, entrepreneurial and ambitious? Make your student time in Nijmegen unforgettable! Row, party and experience Phocas. To become a member you can register for our ‘Introw’ in september or, for the doubters among us, the spring-introw in april!

International students are more than welcome to contribute to and enjoy Phocas! We do urge you to get acquainted with the Dutch language during your time with Phocas, as rowing instruction and many of the social traffic is in Dutch.

©Juliette Breusekers